Sun, Sea & Oysters


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Oysters article

Whether you love them or hate them, oysters have been the pearl of France’s culinary scene for millennia. Gemma Driver went to meet a local oyster farmer near Arcachon, and enjoy some oysters by the sea.


The Arcachon Bay and nearby Bordeaux’s Gironde estuary form a little nick in an otherwise completely uniform pale sand beach that stretches for hundreds of miles, along France’s Atlantic coast. Behind the dunes are the never-ending pine trees of the Landes National Park, planted to claim back ancient marshland that locals used to navigate on stilts.


It gets quite exciting, driving through rapidly building heat, for a day on a pristine beach. As the car slows, the sound of crickets gets louder and the scent of hot pine blasts through open windows.


After a few hours on the beach, seafood lovers can stop off at one of the oyster farming villages on the Bay for a big bag of oysters and a lemon to take home, direct from an ostréiculteur (oyster farmer). These settlements consist of wooden shacks and makeshift jetties, and are great fun to explore.


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